Our mission is to passionately enhance peoples’ lives by guiding them toward greater profitability.

The Profit Centre is committed to changing the mindset of those in the real estate industry by focusing on profitability rather than just making money. 

It's All About Profit!


Our coaching clients receive individual support to help achieve a unique & specific goal. Their goals can relate to sales, business, personal motivation or even health and wellness. The Profit Centre coaches guide clients using a process based on mentorship and accountability. Reaching their unique & specific goal ultimately leads our clients toward improved productivity and greater profitability.


Is there a business skill or competency that’s keeping you from performing at your best? The Profit Centre Training services can help you expand your knowledge or master a specific skill. Our trainers guide you through comprehensive training materials covering topics like: financial management, recruiting, sales or business planning. Training services are available for agents, team leaders, managers, broker owners, and Corporations.


Real estate agents, teams, management and regional executives often need intensive, one-on-one assistance to improve profitability and operational performance. Using assessment tools like a strategic audit and enterprise analytics, Our team helps identify an organization’s operational weaknesses and develop a plan to improve performance and profitability.

We understand that profitability holds the REAL key to success in the real estate industry.

While that seems self-evident, many real estate professionals struggle with this issue, and often focus their efforts and resources exclusively on the sales side of the business equation.

At The Profit Centre, we are here to help you evaluate your business, using our Profitability Model™ that takes into account both sides of the business equation: building sales PLUS tightly managing operational costs. Operations management is a critical component to profitability that many real estate professionals, tend to overlook.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a member of an agent team, a real estate broker, or a regional real estate executive, we offer coaching, consulting and training services to boost your profits and get you on a path to sustainable success.

Using our intuitive, step-by-step approach, and our proven strategic and tactical tools, we help you plan for profit.
We believe that what gets measured, gets improved. At The Profit Centre, we are continually developing processes and systems that allow you to easily measure, manage and maintain a highly profitable business.
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CEO & Founder

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director of agent training

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